Protect Electrical Equipment From Lightning Strikes - Demonstration Video

lightning strike at night
Lightning strike damage to electrical equipment
can be prevented
Equipment damage from lightning is estimated to cause $5+ billion dollars of equipment damage in the USA annually; This in spite of grounding and various surge suppression systems.   Existing protection is focused on presenting convenient conductive paths to coax the sky's energy away from, or around, facilities and equipment. However, existing technologies cannot protect from L-GPR (Lightning Ground Potential Rise) which is estimated to be responsible for >80% of all lightning damage. This literally is lightning surge “entering” you system through ground!

LightningShieldTM manufactured by Alokin Industries employs a patented technology that PREDICTS an impending lightning event, then isolates equipment from the damaging L-GPR PRIOR to and during the lightning event. For full protection:  Grounding, Surge Suppression and L-GPR protection are all required. The video below of the LightningShieldTM demonstrates how the technology works.  

This is why we say, LightningShieldTM is

LightningShieldTM protection from the ground up.TM

Analynk is a distributor for LightningShieldTM.  We provide application support, system configuration for your specific system.  More details, including case studies, IEEE white papers are available by contacting Analynk Wireless.