Analynk's Telmar Brand of Process Control Products

enclosed industrial process controller
Telmar enclosed 2-wire transmitter
Analynk Wireless, in addition to wireless process signal transmitters, receivers, and repeaters, manufactures a broad line of industrial process control products under the Telmar brand.

  • 2-Wire Transmitters with AC, DC, mA, slidewire, RTD, or tachometer inputs. General purpose enclosure is standard, with options for others to meet any rated environment.
  • 4-Wire Transmitters with dozens of combinations of input and output signals. Alarm outputs available as option.
  •  Signal Alarms that accommodate inputs from thermocouple, DC current, DC voltage, RTD, AC voltage, AC current, tachometer, slidewire, or strain gauge.
  • Pneumatic Transmitters for pressure to current, current to pressure, pressure to voltage, and voltage to pressure applications.
  • Tachometer Transmitters
  • Explosion Proof Transmitters with or without local indicator for thermocouple or RTD input.
    • industrial process transmitter RTD with explosion proof enclosure and display
      RTD transmitter with explosion proof enclosure and display
  • Indicators and Meters with general purpose or explosion proof enclosures in loop powered or external powered versions.
  • Sensor Assemblies for general, corrosive, or explosion proof applications. Thermocouple or RTD.
The Telmar brand provides complementary products for wired process control applications, or can be supplemented by Analynk's wireless products to provide wireless connectivity between point of measurement and point of control.

Reach out to Analynk with your process control challenges, combining your process knowledge with their product expertise to develop effective solutions.

Battery Powered Transmitter for Industrial Wireless Communication

battery powered wireless transmitter in explosion proof enclosure for industrial process control
Battery powered wireless process signal transmitter
in explosion proof enclosure
Industrial settings can present difficult or unique challenges to automation and control designers. Each new challenge seems to be met with a new, improved, or adapted product which fulfills the requirements.

Analynk's standard array of wireless transmitters operate on 24 Vdc. For installations without any appropriate power source, three models are configured to operate on power provided by batteries. The A753-BT transmitters operate on battery power, utilizing a real time clock to schedule transmission intervals appropriate for the application. The transmitter also provides an excitation voltage for external devices. Your sensor's 4-20 mA output provides input to the Analynk transmitter, along with two discrete switches. The transmitter communicates with all of Analynk's receivers.

The unit pictured is configured for use in a hazardous area, with explosion proof enclosure. Other models are suitable for DIN rail mounting in an enclosure of your selection, or provided preconfigured in a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Share your wireless process control connectivity challenges with the experts at Analynk.

Explosion Proof Antennas For Wireless Communications in Hazardous Industrial Settings

explosion proof antenna for industrial wifi wireless communications
CTX Series Explosion Proof Antenna
Wireless connections between process measuring and control devices brings several benefits to an industrial operation. The signal cable free installation saves valuable time and space, reduces damage exposure, and simplifies process equipment layout modifications.

Implementing wireless communications in hazardous areas, whether through WiFi or other radio frequency channels, poses a unique set of challenges to successful implementation. Points of network access and other transmission and receiving equipment will require a level of isolation and hardening appropriate for the hazardous industrial environment. Specialized explosion proof enclosures can house the needed equipment, but antennas must extend outside these metal enclosures and into the hazardous environment in order to transmit and receive process signals. This imposes rigorous requirements on antenna design and construction.

Analynk Wireless manufactures patented UL listed hazardous area explosion proof antennas for industrial installations.  Their CTX and CTM series antennas carry an array of third party approvals and are suitable for use in a broad range of hazardous environments. Models can accommodate WiFi and other RF communications across frequency bands commonly utilized in industrial settings, as well as cellular and satellite communications.

Data sheets for the CTX and CTM Series antennas are included below for more detail. Share your wireless communication challenges and application questions with the experts at Analynk and work together to produce the best solutions.

Analynk Further Expands Line of Hazardous Area Wireless Access Point Enclosures

hazardous area wireless access point enclosure with antennas
New AP608 Explosion Proof Access Point Enclosure
For Meru AP-1020e
Analynk Wireless has added three new entries to their line of wireless access point enclosures for use in hazardous areas. Each enclosure is shipped ready for installation of your access point device, with hazardous area antennas, antenna cables, and custom access point mounting bracket included.

Analynk access point enclosures are preconfigured to house a specific manufacturer and model number access point. Review the entire product offering and see the long list of accommodated access points. If you want to use an access point not shown on the list, contact  Analynk for a solution.

The new models and their matching access point.
The hyperlinks above will open data sheets for the respective units.

Analynk manufactures a diverse array of equipment utilized in establishing wireless connections between industrial process control devices. Share your wireless connectivity challenges with the experts at Analynk and get effective solutions.