How To Protect Wired Equipment From Lightning Strikes

Lightning strike
There are methods to protect process control
equipment from lightning strikes
Lightning, though visually and audibly fascinating, is a high risk environmental factor for process measurement and control equipment. Recent advancements in the study of this natural occurrence have significantly increased general understanding of the source and path of a lighting strike, granting some additional insight into mitigating the risk to electronic equipment associated with lightning activity.

The abstract included below provides a useful synopsis of grounding, surge protection, and other methods for providing levels of protection from lightning strikes. Of particular interest is the concept of lightning ground potential rise (L-GPR) and how it can be used to predict an impending lighting event.

The predictive technology, combined with automated disconnection of the protected equipment from the AC power service can provide superior protection against damage caused by lighting strikes. Browse the paper below, as it is concise, illustrated, and will improve your understanding of lightning and how it impacts industrial process control equipment.

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