Wireless Process Instrumentation and Cloud-based Solutions, Part Two

Cloud-based engineering tools combined with wireless technologies continue to change the industrial control landscape by making employees more productive, making data available in real-time, and driving efficiencies in manufacturing plants. These new technologies reduce engineering hours, shorten maintenance time and make commissioning steps more efficient.  They also improve user safety, streamline usability, and significantly decrease budgets for maintenance.

A standout example of success in wireless and cloud-based tech is the adoption and growth of ADC. ADC is an abbreviation for Automated Device Commissioning, sometimes referred to as Smart Commissioning. From a practical standpoint, it is a set of engineering techniques and processes to check, inspect and test every operational component of a project. Workflows incorporating lean engineering can benefit from designing instrument configurations before the hardware is actually delivered to the facility.

ADC/Smart Commissioning can be used to: Reduce commissioning time to a fraction of the original hours needed; mechanically bind control configuration; reduce the need to verify I/O assignments; help avoid costly errors in wiring and termination; and automate intelligent device testing and documentation.

Use of ADC/Smart Commissioning promotes efficiency for automation projects. Engineers used to have to deal with repetitive and complicated tasks to get the project set up.  Now with this new approach, assisted by wireless and the cloud, teams of engineers can work on the project collectively, and at the same time, without needing to be physically at the same site.

ADC/Smart Commissioning assists engineers in confirming that the right transmitter is landed on the correct controller input/output module (I/O).  If a mismatch is determined, the engineer can fix the mismatch in real time, on-site or remotely.  Then, once the hardware configuration is confirmed, the user can wirelessly perform loop checkout as well.

As capable engineers and maintenance personnel continue to retire from the workforce, and as manufacturing companies are forced to accomplish their work with fewer experienced employees, wireless technology and cloud-based tools facilitate greater efficiency through equipment optimization, performance tracking, safety monitoring, and process reliability.

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