NEW! The AP415 Dual-Band Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosure for Cisco MR53

Analynk AP415 Dual-Band Hazardous
Area Access Point Enclosure
Analynk Wireless is pleased to introduce the AP415 Dual-Band Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosure for the Cisco MR53.

The AP415 hazardous area enclosure houses the Cisco MR53 dual band access point for use in the hazardous areas. The enclosure and antennas are designed for use in Class I, Division 1 group C & D areas. All hardware, mounting plate, antennas and RF cables are provided to make installation quick and easy. The enclosure utilizes our proprietary explosion proof CTX series of antennas and includes six 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band antennas. The access point is not included with the enclosure.
Cisco MR53
Cisco MR53 Access Point
(Not included with enclosure)


Class I, Div 1 Groups, C & D Optional: ATEX Zone 1

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil refineries
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Chemical Plants
Ordering information:
  • AP415
  • AP415-N4 (NEMA 4X rating) 
  • AP-415-ATEX

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