Comprehensive Listing of Hazardous Area Enclosures for Commercially Available Wireless Access Points

Listing of Hazardous Area Enclosures

Markets such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, refinery, oil platform, storage depot, and mining applications benefit from wireless network implementation. The robust feature set of commercial access points provides significant benefits but typically lacks the construction and approvals for hazardous environments. Specially designed instrument enclosures accommodate these access points and allow these feature-rich, widely available products in hazardous industrial areas. 

Analynk manufactures hazardous area access point enclosures designed for these access points. The enclosures are rated Class I, Division 1, and 2 locations, Groups A, B, C, & D and ATEX Zone 1 and 2 areas. 

The following is a listing of commonly used wireless access points and matching access point enclosures, with links to the specification sheets.

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