Analynk's Newest Wireless Access Point Enclosure for Hazardous Areas

hazardous area wireless access point enclosure
New Model AP-621
Hazardous Area Wireless
Access Point Enclosure
Analynk Wireless has added again to its line of wireless access point enclosures for hazardous industrial locations. The access point enclosures are specifically targeted and designed to house specific wireless access points from a range of manufacturers, facilitating easy installation. Every model is provided with UL listed explosion proof antennas, a mounting bracket designed for the access point equipment, and RF cables to make the antenna connections. Enclosures have penetrations specifically located to accommodate the specified access point. Models are included to house a range of units from Symbol, Cisco, Meru, Aruba, HP, and Motorola, with more models added regularly to accommodate additional wireless access points.

The most recent addition is the model AP621 which accomodates  the Aruba AP-214 dual band access point. Analynk Wireless specializes in industrial wireless communications. Your wireless communication challenges are welcome at Analynk, so make contact and share your requirements. Combining your process expertise with Analynk's product specialization will produce an effective solution.

The datasheet for the new model is provided below. You can see all the models and their companion access points on the Analynk site.