CTX/CTM Series Hazardous Area 4G LTE Explosion Proof Antennas

Hazardous Area 4G LTE Explosion Proof Antennas

The Analynk CTX/CTM 4G LTE antennas are designed for use in “Hazardous-Classified” and Industrial-Hardened applications. The antennas are omnidirectional, with an average gain of 1.27dBi with a peak gain of 2.46 dBi. Two antenna versions are available, the CTX series has a 3/4” NPT mount, and the CTM series has an M20 mount. The antennas can be mounted on an Explosion Proof enclosure or conduit. The mounting base is made of heavy nickel-plated brass with an integrated TNC-F connector for ease of installation. The radome is optimized for rugged industrial applications while maintaining maximum radio frequency transmission and reception efficiency. The antennas have a built in Explosion Proof seal and may be mounted up to 18” away from the enclosure without an additional seal.

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