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Product Options Round Out Fulfillment of Application Requirements

Analynk Wireless, in addition to their standard products, can provide an extensive range of value added services to help customers quickly and effectively fulfill project requirements involving wireless communications and process control. Share your challenges with the wireless and process control experts at Analynk, combining your process knowledge with their wireless and control expertise to develop effective solutions.

Analynk Custom Design Services

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Analynk Wireless, in addition to their line of wireless communication products for process monitoring and control, offers custom design services for a broad range of applications in the industrial control arena.

The same engineering and design expertise that goes into every Analynk product can be channeled into specialty products or assemblies for your applications. Whether something as simple as a custom adapter board to facilitate connection between some dissimilar components or an embedded controller with a customized user interface, no application is without a solution.
  • Concept
  • Schematic design
  • PCB design
  • Firmware
  • Prototyping
  • Production
Share your ideas with the design team at Analynk. Combine your expertise with theirs to develop an effective solution.