Transmitting Multiple I/O Points Along A Single Signal Path

Industrial wireless 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz multiple I/O transmitter/receiver
Analynk A16000 Expansion Module provides up to
16 I/O points for wireless transmission or reception.
Wireless transmission of process control signals is steadily increasing in prevalence throughout many industrial environments. The ease of implementation, with no long cable runs to plan, layout, install, protect, and maintain, allows wireless installations to fulfill application niches that may have been considered impractical in the past.

Analynk provides hardware that easily allows the transmission and reception of up to 16 I/O points using a single transmitter and receiver. The A16000 Expansion Module can be configured with up to four internal cards that accommodate various types of input and output signals. The process is similar to setting up the I/O on a PLC. Connect the process signals to the A16000, and the A16000 to one of Analynk's transmitter or receiver devices. Setup is straight forward and allows the installation to be operable in minimal time.

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