Understanding Telecommunications Terminology

satellite orbiting earth for industrial process control wireless communications
Industrial wireless communications can include satellites
If you are delving into wireless communications for process control operations and expect to go beyond the use of industrial Wi-Fi, you are likely to encounter some concepts and lexicon that may be unfamiliar. A source of recognized standard definitions for industry specific terms will serve as a useful tool for understanding the specifics of radio communications.

Federal Standard 1037C, entitled Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms was issued by the General Services Administration late in the last century. It was superseded in 2001 by American National Standard T1.523-2001, Telecom Glossary 2000, published by Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions commonly known as ATIS). The current version of the ATIS Telecom Glossary is available for use by the public. Find the glossary website, with its search engine, and either type a term to search for in the box or browse the extensive listings in alphabetical order. It's easy to use and can help you sort out the meanings of some industry specific terms.

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glossary of telecommunications terms
Screen shot of the glossary, showing search box in upper left area