Wireless Access Point Installation in Hazardous Area

wireless access point enclosure for hazardous industrial area
Wireless access point enclosure for hazardous area
Here is your challenge. Your facility is expanding its wireless network coverage into another processing area. That new processing area also happens to be classed as hazardous. How are you going to place a wireless access point in that area to provide good wireless coverage?

Analynk Wireless manufactures industrial wireless communications products suitable for use in hazardous areas. One product line, Hazalynk, includes rated enclosures for popular wireless access points to enable installation in hazardous locations. Preconfigured models accommodate units from Cisco, Symbol, Meru, Aruba, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and other brands. If there is not a preconfigured model for your preferred access point, contact Analynk. Arrangements are possible to accommodate most brands and models.

The Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosures are designed specifically to house the customer's selected access point device. The matching enclosure for an access point will have:
  • Custom mounting bracket mating to the customer's access point.
  • UL listed enclosure for subject hazardous area, including antenna locations coordinated with access point device arrangement.
  • UL listed explosion proof antenna, one or more as need for the subject access point.
  • All hardware, mounting plate, and RF cables to simplify installation and startup
product specialist can help you with the latest available information. Contact Analynk to discuss your application and how to best fulfill your hazardous area wireless communication requirement.