Not Your Regular Lightning Protection Scheme

Lightining Strike
Predictive protection for sensitive electrical equipment
from lightning strikes
Lightning strikes constitute extreme releases of energy. A direct hit to your equipment has a high probability of rendering it unusable. The pathways of this destructive energy can be diffuse and unpredictable, leaving the best protection effort as disconnection of electrical equipment from wiring infrastructure and breaking the conductive path into the equipment.

Alokin Industries, manufacturer of Lightning Shield™ protection systems, identifies four threats to electrical equipment that originate from lightning activity.

  • Direct Lightning Strike: Direct lightning strikes to equipment result in high voltages flowing through the equipment grounding path or the circuit serving the equipment.
  • Nearby Lightning Strike: These strikes can induce voltage or current on building infrastructure conductors.
  • Lightning Ground Potential Rise ( L-GPR): This is the electrical energy flowing out from a strike that can saturate a building's grounding system.
  • Off-Voltage Events: Sags and spikes in service line voltage that can damage electrical equipment.
The Lightning Shield™ provides protection by disconnecting electrical equipment when a field energy increase is detected preceding a cloud to ground lightning strike. Isolating equipment from the AC power grid through a positive disconnecting means provides a high level of protection from cloud to ground lightning strikes and their residual impact. The controller will maintain isolated operation for a predetermined amount of time, then switch back to normal AC power. Equipment can be operated from battery or generator sourced power during the isolation period, if needed.

Lightning Shield™ provides predictive protection of electrical equipment by isolating equipment before the occurrence of a cloud to ground lightning strike. The system basically consists of a controller, detector, and whatever disconnecting means (contactor) are needed to accommodate the user's equipment.

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