New Hazardous Area Wireless Access Point Enclosures

Wireless Access point enclosure for hazardous area
Model AP 412 Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosure
Analynk Wireless has added two new entries to their line of wireless access point enclosures for use in hazardous areas. Each access point enclosure is shipped ready for installation of your access point device, with hazardous area antennas, cables, mounting bracket, and antenna cables included.

Analynk access point enclosures are preconfigured to house a specific manufacturer and model number access point. Review the product offering and see the long list of accommodated access points. If you want to use an access point not shown on the list, contact Analynk for a solution.

The new models are designed to house the Cisco 2802E and 3802E Dual Band Access Points. Data sheets for both are included below.

Analynk manufactures a diverse array of equipment utilized in establishing wireless connections between industrial process control devices. Share your wireless connectivity challenges with the experts at Analynk and get effective solutions.