Explosion Proof Antennas For Wireless Communications in Hazardous Industrial Settings

explosion proof antenna for industrial wifi wireless communications
CTX Series Explosion Proof Antenna
Wireless connections between process measuring and control devices brings several benefits to an industrial operation. The signal cable free installation saves valuable time and space, reduces damage exposure, and simplifies process equipment layout modifications.

Implementing wireless communications in hazardous areas, whether through WiFi or other radio frequency channels, poses a unique set of challenges to successful implementation. Points of network access and other transmission and receiving equipment will require a level of isolation and hardening appropriate for the hazardous industrial environment. Specialized explosion proof enclosures can house the needed equipment, but antennas must extend outside these metal enclosures and into the hazardous environment in order to transmit and receive process signals. This imposes rigorous requirements on antenna design and construction.

Analynk Wireless manufactures patented UL listed hazardous area explosion proof antennas for industrial installations.  Their CTX and CTM series antennas carry an array of third party approvals and are suitable for use in a broad range of hazardous environments. Models can accommodate WiFi and other RF communications across frequency bands commonly utilized in industrial settings, as well as cellular and satellite communications.

Data sheets for the CTX and CTM Series antennas are included below for more detail. Share your wireless communication challenges and application questions with the experts at Analynk and work together to produce the best solutions.