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Battery Powered Transmitter for Industrial Wireless Communication

battery powered wireless transmitter in explosion proof enclosure for industrial process control
Battery powered wireless process signal transmitter
in explosion proof enclosure
Industrial settings can present difficult or unique challenges to automation and control designers. Each new challenge seems to be met with a new, improved, or adapted product which fulfills the requirements.

Analynk's standard array of wireless transmitters operate on 24 Vdc. For installations without any appropriate power source, three models are configured to operate on power provided by batteries. The A753-BT transmitters operate on battery power, utilizing a real time clock to schedule transmission intervals appropriate for the application. The transmitter also provides an excitation voltage for external devices. Your sensor's 4-20 mA output provides input to the Analynk transmitter, along with two discrete switches. The transmitter communicates with all of Analynk's receivers.

The unit pictured is configured for use in a hazardous area, with explosion proof enclosure. Other models are suitable for DIN rail mounting in an enclosure of your selection, or provided preconfigured in a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Share your wireless process control connectivity challenges with the experts at Analynk.