Industrial Wireless Communications Using a Single Transmitter and Multiple Receivers

water treatment plant
Water treatment plant
In planning a wireless installation for connecting process measurement instruments and equipment to monitoring and control stations, keep in mind that it is not necessary to maintain a one-to-one relationship among receivers and transmitters. A transmitter broadcasts the process signal on a designated channel. All the receiving devices set to that channel will receive the 256 bit encrypted signal. Each can decrypt the signal and convert the value to a common industrial analog signal for use as needed. The key takeaway is to recognize that once the process signal is transmitted, you have the ability to receive and use the signal anywhere within range of the transmitter. Effective range can extend from a few feet to several miles.

The beneficial applications for industrial wireless are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. Share your ideas and challenges with the industrial wireless experts at Analynk, combining your own process knowledge with their application expertise to develop an effective solution.
wireless industrial communications with multiple receivers and one transmitter