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Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Assures Safety in Firefighter Training Facility

firefighting training building burn building
Firefighters training at a burn building
Courtesy Fire Facilities
Fire Facilities designs and manufactures live firefighting training towers and buildings, referred to as burn buildings. Firefighters train in these structures honing their personal skills and developing team strategies for combating fires under live burn conditions. The training, because of the live fire in the structure, can be dangerous. Procedures and equipment are in place to minimize the risk posed to the training professionals.

Analynk Wireless designed and manufactures part of the safety and monitoring system for the Fire Facilities training structures. The system is suitable for worldwide use, as are the training structures. Sixteen temperature monitoring locations are established in the structure and monitored using the pyrometer developed by Analynk. The monitoring station provides alarm notification if the temperature in any of the monitored zones exceeds the level at which trainees can safely enter the area.
  • Monitor up to 16 channels of thermocouple input
  • Local temperature display on touchscreen HMI
  • Audible and flashing local alarm, plus relay contacts for connection of external devices
  • WiFi connection to smart phone or tablet for remote viewing of all operating information
  • Data logging of each channel to USB drive
  • Cloud connection for view access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Email and text alerts
  • Monitoring station has NEMA 4 rating and is suitable for installation and operation in environments to -40 degrees
The Fire Facilities Pyrometer is another example of Analynk's capabilities in designing and building engineered products for specific applications. Share your process control product development challenges with the experienced professionals at Analynk, combining your concept with their design and engineering expertise to develop top flight product solutions.
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