NEW! The AP422 Dual-Band Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosure for Cisco 1852E

Cisco 1852E Hazardous Enclosure

Analynk Wireless is pleased to introduce the AP422 Dual-Band Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosure for the Cisco 1852E.

The AP422 is designed to house the Cisco 1852E dual band access point for use in hazardous areas. The enclosure, all hardware, and antennas are rated for Class I, Div 1, groups C & D Hazardous Locations. All hardware, mounting plate, antennas and RF cables are provided to make installation of the access point quick and easy. The enclosure utilizes our proprietary explosion proof CTX series of antennas, three dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz are included.

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New Analynk 4G LTE Hazardous Area Antenna Nears Release

Analynk will soon release a new 4G LTE hazardous area antenna to compliment its existing line of rugged, industrial hazardous area antennas.  For details, call (614) 755-5091 or email

Why 4G?

Sure, everyone's talking about 5G and it's impact on industrial networks. By broadening the scope of applications possible with cellular technologies, there's no doubt 5G will connect industry like never before. However, it won't be soon.

The unfortunate truth is that features specific for industrial 5G use are not expected to be part of the 5G standard until 2021.  If you then consider the years it will take to introduce production runs of 5G chips, smooth out production processes, and stabilize their performance in varying applications, you're at least 4-5 years away from meaningful industrial 5G implementation.

In the meantime, non-public networks, owned and managed by large organizations or service providers, will be the most logical and efficient way to solve the challenges of availability, data privacy, reliability, and quick rollouts. This, coupled with backward compatibility from 4G LTE to 5G being a core strategy of the 3GPP consortium, presents a strong argument toward the adoption of 4G LTE networks as the most logical and effcient path forward.

Considering that 4G LTE's momentum continues, and forecasts predict it will continue to grow its user base for years to come, it stands to reason that "4G now" is the perfect bridge for adoption as you move toward Industry 4.0 and 5G.

Analynk to Exhibit and Sponsor Aruba Atmosphere'20


Aruba access points (APs) are well known for their excellent coverage in central and remote sites, locations with high concentrations of Wi-Fi clients, indoors and outdoors, and harsh industrial environments. They are deployed in a wide range of wireless LAN (WLAN) environments world-wide. In the industrial space, many flight line, refinery, oil platform, storage depot, and mining applications require placing access points in an environment that is exposed to gasoline, natural gas, or other explosive gases or vapors.

Analynk manufactures hazardous area access point enclosures designed for Class 1, Division 1 and 2 locations, Groups A, B, C, & D and ATEX Zone 2 areas. Providing Wi-Fi or mesh in these hazardous locations is now accomplished by mounting the AP or MSR inside a compatible Analynk enclosure and connecting approved conduit and cabling.

Atmosphere is the annual Aruba meeting and convention for innovators in the field of wireless networking, wireless security, IoT, mobility and the cloud. Attendees of Atmosphere'20 have an opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with over 3000 peers. The goal of the meeting is to discuss, learn, collaborate and influence the direction of Aruba products with the mission to support Aruba in continuing to build and supply the industry’s best enterprise-class technologies in wireless & wired infrastructure.

Analynk is very proud to be a Silver Sponsor for Atmosphere'20.

Meeting Details:
When: March 22-27, 2020
Where: Caesars Forum Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV
Registration: Click this link.

Product Update: The AE902 Hazardous Area Access Point Now Includes UL C1, D2, Groups A, B, C, & D and ATEX Zone 2

AE902 Hazardous Area Access Point

The Analynk AE902 Series Hazardous Area Class 1, Division 2 / ATEX Zone 2, Access Point with Optional ISA100/HART Router

The Analynk AE902 series includes the Aruba AP-318 dual band access point with an optional Honeywell FDAP2 for ISA100A/HART communication. The AE902 is certified for use in Class I, Division 2 or ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas. A POE injector and universal input power supply are also included. The enclosure is made of 316 stainless steel and has a NEMA 4X or IP56 rating for harsh conditions. Optional directional antennas are available and antennas can be mounted remotely from the enclosure.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil refineries
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Chemical Plants

Model: AE902-1A

Description: AP-318 Access Point
Certification: Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D

Model: AE902-2A

Description: AP-318 Access Point & FDAP2 ISA100/HART Router
Certification: Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D

Model: AE902-1A-ATEX

Description: AP-318 Access Point
Certification: ATEX Zone 2

Model: AE902-2A-ATEX

Description: AP-318 Access Point & FDAP2 ISA100/HART Router
Certification: ATEX Zone 2

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