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Hazardous Area Antennas

Gathering information in hazardous areas is critically important for plants to access. Wireless communications is vital for improved efficiencies, real-time monitoring of machinery and equipment, and the safety and well-being of personnel.

Hazardous area antennas from Analynk Wireless are designed and constructed for very rugged industrial applications. Furthermore, all Analynk hazardous area antennas  are UL  listed for Class 1, Groups C & D and have ATEX/IECEx Certification. Finally, a range of frequencies are available from 900MHz, 2.4GHz, Cellular, GPS, Iridium and dual bands.

New Explosion Proof Antenna for Iridium Satellite Industrial Communications

Communications satellite
Analynk antennas expanded capability includes
Iridium satellite based communications
Analynk Wireless has expanded its hazardous area antenna line with a new series designed for communication across the Iridium satellite network. The Iridium network provides worldwide process data transmission access for industrial operations of all types. The explosion proof antennas can be utilized with Analynk equipment, or that of other manufacturers, to provide wireless connection between a central control or monitoring facility and mobile or remotely located process measurement and control equipment.

There are two basic models, differing only in manner in which a connection is made to a suitable enclosure. The CTM model is provided with the M20 connection. The CTX model has a 3/4" NPT connector. Both models carry the same array of approvals for use in hazardous locations. The same construction that enables installation in a hazardous area also makes these units a good choice for any location requiring rugged construction.

A data sheet is provided below with details on approvals and specifications. Contact Analynk directly for any assistance you may need in meeting your wireless communication challenges. The company's extensive product offering is directed at the needs of the process control field.

Outlook for 2016

Industrial wireless antenna for hazardous area
At Analynk, we are wrapping up a very good year, and extend our sincere thanks to our customers, vendors, and others that have supported our continued growth and success in the industrial wireless communications field.

We brought several new products to the market this year, including some new versions of the Hazardous Area Wireless Access Point Enclosure and our patented Explosion Proof Antenna. The coming months will see the release of some new products we have been working on this past year. Stay connected with us and you will be among the first to know about them.

We hope your year was as good as ours, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and prosperous New Year.

New Hazardous Area Wireless Antenna for GLONASS, Iridium, and GPS

Industrial Wireless Antenna for Hazardous Area
CTX Series Industrial Wireless Antenna
for Hazardous Areas

Operators in the industrial process control field increasingly rely on wireless communication as a key element of their infrastructure. The ability to connect measurement locations, even mobile ones, to data logging and control centers has enhanced operation efficiency and enabled procedures and monitoring that were cumbersome or impractical in a totally wired environment. Analynk Wireless continues with their response to demand within the process measurement and control field to utilize wireless technology across an increasing array of application scenarios by releasing their latest Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Antenna

The latest version of the company's CTX/CTM series enables remote data links for customers using Iridium, GPS, and GLONASS. This new product adds to the company's already expansive line of wireless communication products specifically designed for industrial applications, providing wireless data links to mobile or remote locations.

Analynk's antennas are operable across a very wide temperature range and provide substantial impact resistance, signal output, and ratings for hazardous environments. A data sheet for the new CTX/CTM antenna is included below. You can always contact Analynk directly to discuss your application ideas and get recommendations for product and complete system configuration.